Divorce Solutions® Workshop

Divorce Solutions® is a public education workshop designed to help women understand the legal and financial aspects of divorce, as well as your options, so that you can take control of your divorce and begin to move forward with confidence.

Divorce Solutions® provides unbiased answers to your important questions:

  • What are my options?
  • What happens in court?
  • How much time does a divorce take?
  • How much does divorce cost?
  • How do we separate assets?
  • How does child and spousal support work?
  • How do I get started?
  • What resources are available to me?

Divorce Solutions® Workshops are held quarterly and are open to all women - whether married or separated, same or opposite gender, with or without children. 

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Women & Wealth

This seminar is designed specifically for women who are going through or have been through a recent divorce and are faced with the somewhat daunting challenge of managing the day-to-day financial decisions in their new life.  We cover the investment basics, but have a lot of room for flexibility in order to meet the specific needs of the unique participants in each class. Some of the topics we may cover are:

  • Budget Best Practices
  • The Investment Basics
  • Understanding Your Assets
  • Financial Planning
  • Life Insurance
  • Estate Planning Primer

When we are done you will be well on your way to making great financial decisions, and you may have even made some new friends!

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