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Are you contemplating divorce? There are a variety of paths you can take and the best option will depend on the complexity of your marital relationship and your financial situation. Take 30 minutes of my time to learn about:

Divorce Process Options
What to Expect
Local Resources
How to Move Forward

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Feasibility Analysis

Ever wonder if you can afford to become divorced? I will help you understand your current financial situation and show you how proposed property settlements and support may impact your future financial stability, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

Settlement and Support Analysis

Would you like to reduce the costs associated with divorce? If you and your spouse are amicable, I will work with you as a team to develop your property settlement and support agreement according to the laws in the State of Washington and at a fraction of the cost of an attorney.


Financial Consultant

As a trained CDFA® Professional holding a Master's degree in Finance and more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, you will want me to be an integral part of your divorce team, regardless of how you choose to proceed. Here's how I can add value as a partner on your team:

Uncontested Settlements
Attorney Consultant
Mediation Consultant
Collaborative Financial Expert

Expert Witness Testimony