Client Engagement Documents

Maneuver the divorce and separation process as smoothly as possible. As you move through the divorce process, I’m here to guide you in the most cooperative way. As your Divorce Financial Consultant, my mission is to be that voice of reason that helps you make better financial decisions, keep more of your hard earned money, and preserve your family relationships.

Priorities Worksheet

Let’s go through the steps to figure out what your priorities are. You want to know what to ask for and what to fight for, if necessary and what you can live without. Use this worksheet to help identify your priorities before entering into serious negotiations.


Divorce Document Checklist

To the extent that they apply to your situation, below is a list of documents you and your spouse will need to provide before we can perform a divorce analysis. A link to a shared, secure folder will provided, or you can scan and email as long as you use encryption or password protection on sensitive. While this is a general list of documents needed, there is a good chance we will need to request additional documentation once we become familiar with your specific and unique situation.

Client Data Sheet

Gather your financial information, such as income and expenses, along with assets and liabilities into this divorce data sheet.


Post-Divorce Checklist

A checklist of recommended post-divorce steps following your divorce. After the emotions have settled, it’s time to get to your paperwork in order. Make sure your settlement agreement, retirement accounts, will and policies are in order and make educated financial decisions.



Stephanie Farrar and Integrity Divorce Solutions, LLC disclosure document.

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