Financial  Expertise

The financial intricacies of divorce can be daunting for all involved. Don't leave your financial future to chance.

Integrity Divorce Solutions works with couples, individuals, mediators, and attorneys to provide financial expertise during divorce. We are trained and experienced in all financial aspects of divorce, including retirement plan valuation, executive compensation, support guidelines, and tax optimization of property settlements. We can often develop creative settlement strategies that make more financial sense for both parties.


Mediation Services

Divorce mediation is often an efficient and cost effective approach, particularly when parties are unable to come to agreement on their own. However, while proficient at managing conflict and promoting communication, most mediators struggle with analyzing and explaining the financial complexities of proposed divorce settlements.

Integrity Divorce Solutions provides face-to-face and online divorce mediation services along with the financial expertise you need. We will work with you as your mediator or we can assist you during mediation with financial analysis on any proposed settlements.


Post-Divorce Transition

Once your divorce is final there is still work to be done. Bank accounts need to be closed, investment accounts consolidated, assets transferred, QDRO's completed, and you will probably need your Will redone.

Integrity Divorce Solutions' Financial Consultants have over 27 years of experience helping others just like you manage their financial affairs. We'll work with you post-divorce to ensure that the terms of your settlement agreement are implemented and that you take possession of all the assets you're entitled to receive.