Divorce Mediation

and legal separation

Divorce mediation is often an efficient and cost effective approach, particularly when parties are unable to come to agreement on their own. However, while proficient at managing conflict and promoting communication, most mediators struggle with analyzing and explaining the financial complexities of proposed divorce settlements.

Integrity Divorce Solutions provides divorce mediation services along with the financial expertise you need. We will work with you as your mediator or can assist you during mediation with financial analysis on any proposed settlements.

Online divorce mediation now available

We offer Zoom video conferencing appointments for divorce mediation. Online mediation allows us to serve a broader geographic region and it allows your case to move forward when adhering to periodic social distancing requirements becomes necessary.

Why divorce mediation?

First of all, only around 5% of divorces are finalized at trial. You can spend a small fortune going through the process leading up to trial and end up settling in a court-mandated mediation session anyway. Integrity Divorce Solution’s mission is to create a more efficient, affordable, and amicable divorce process. If you or a spouse are struggling with whether or not you “need your day in court” and would like to better understand the divorce process and your options, contact us today for a free consultation.

Alternatives to a divorce attorney

“Working with Stephanie allowed us to maintain our relationship so that we can still be a family to our children and grandchildren”

~ Pat and Linda

Are you looking for a divorce mediator to dissolve your marriage or create a legal separation?

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