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Divorce financial settlements

Divorce Financial Solutions

The financial intricacies of divorce can be daunting for all involved. We are trained and experienced in all financial aspects of divorce, including retirement plan valuation, executive compensation, support guidelines, and tax optimization of property settlements.
Divorce Financial Solutions
Mediation low cost divorce solutions

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is often an efficient and cost effective approach. We provide divorce mediation services along with the financial expertise and analysis on any proposed settlements. Mediation is the best way to negotiate in a mostly non-adversarial divorce.
Post-divorce financial consulting and checklist

Post-Divorce Transition

Once your divorce is final there is still work to be done and it can be very overwhelming. We provide transition assistance post-divorce to ensure that the terms of your settlement agreement are implemented and that you take possession of all the assets you’re entitled to receive.
Post-Divorce Transition
Preserving family relationships in divorce

Kinder, gentler, more affordable divorce

means you'll both keep more of your money

We specialize in helping individuals and couples understand their current and future financial landscape. We will guide you through the process of evaluating the short and long-term financial impacts of your divorce – including tax optimization, accurate valuation of all assets, and the ramifications of any settlements you might consider.

We help you structure your settlement so that both of you get to keep more of your own money while better preserving family relationships. Our pricing is transparent, flat-fee pricing based on the complexity of your finances. Schedule your free initial consultation today to ensure your divorce won’t end in financial and emotional devastation.

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“Stephanie, it was a pleasure working with you. Thanks for making a difficult situation easy and painless. I will definitely recommend you if I come across anyone that is in a similar situation.”

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Divorce Help

Divorce Solutions© Workshop

Divorce Solutions© is a public education workshop designed to help women understand the legal and financial aspects of divorce, as well as your options, so that you can take control of your divorce and begin to move forward with confidence.

Women and Wealth Workshop

Women & Wealth

This seminar is designed specifically for women who are going through or have been through a recent divorce and are faced with the somewhat daunting challenge of managing the day-to-day financial decisions in their new life. I will cover the investment basics, but have a lot of room for flexibility in order to meet the specific needs of the unique participants.

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If you’re considering divorce, let me help you create a more efficient, affordable and amicable process. This book is full of helpful information. You only have one chance to get this right!

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