Worried about your financial security, family and lifestyle?

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At Integrity Divorce Solutions, we work with individuals and couples who want to cooperatively design an equitable divorce strategy, avoid unnecessary legal fees, and preserve family relationships.

Uncertainty During Divorce Creates Tension

Often there is an imbalance of financial knowledge in a marriage. As a result, stress is created for both spouses during divorce and that results in tension. For one spouse, there is concern about how much they don't know. Conversely, the other spouse becomes stressed over how assets will be divided and whether there will be enough to go around.

Our process is designed to create financial transparency and reduce the tensions caused by stress. First, we build an understanding of each others priorities and determine where there is agreement. Then, we use powerful data and reports to mediate the negotiation of any areas of disagreement. And finally, we refer you to quality family law attorneys to draft the legal documents and file on your behalf.  With a cooperative divorce, you may never even have to step foot in a courtroom.

Your cooperative divorce agreement can be accomplished in a matter of weeks and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional divorce.